From zygote to foetus there is no hiding place from the electrically induced phase transition from 5G

October 16, 2022

Homoeostasis of the human organism can become compromised from interference as a result of transmitted modulated electromagnetic waves upon conducting biological structures within the human body; particularly, by oscillating electrons, from induced resonance and by changing sub-atomic spin states. The most vulnerable for a myriad of phenomenal scientific
reasons, the most vulnerable aspects of the human organism are the zygote, embryo and foetus.

I have shown here that the development of babies, worldwide, from the very first seconds after fertilisation to full term is compromised. As the baby is trying to expand the intricacies of its thousands of biological structures, it is fighting a war on many fronts simultaneously and sometimes continuously to maintain its homeostasis. The child has no hiding place.
The solution is deceptively simple, take the microwaves out of the air and use cable. If the reader is a scientist, he/she will have realised by now that the adenine, guanine, cytosine & thymine base pairs are common to all living species. Hence, if there is a risk to a developing baby, this same risk extends to all living species.

With the hundreds of thousands of 5G satellites planned and expansion of 5G plus Wi-Fi terrestrial transmitters we are destroying the two things that this planet cannot survive, as we know it, without.

  1. The huge canopies of forests, designed to capture radiation will absorb microwaves
    and weaken subjecting the trees to sickness.
  2. The population density of new-borns will not be sufficient to prevent extinction of
    many species.
    To simplify, as humans, without our babies and trees we will not be able to exist.

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