Effects of radiofrequency field from 5G communications on the spatial memory and emotionality in mice

January 7, 2023

The rapid development of 5G network technology has gained much popularity as well as concerns about its adverse effects. In this study, we investigated the effects of 4.9 GHz (one of working frequencies of 5G communication) radiofrequency (RF) field on emotional behaviours and spatial memory in adult male mice.

Open field test (OFT), tail suspension test (TST) and Y maze were used to evaluate anxiety, depression-like behaviour and spatial memory ability, respectively. It was found that the anxiety-like behaviour and spatial memory ability of mice did not change, but the depression-like behaviour was induced in mice after 4.9 GHz RF exposure. In addition, the number of neurons significantly reduced and the level of pyroptosis obviously increased in amygdala rather than hippocampus.

These results suggested that 4.9 GHz RF exposure could induce depression-like behaviour, which might be associated with the neuronal pyroptosis in amygdala.


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