Why EHS is no Fairy Tale

January 7, 2023

A magical animated film about EMF induced disability. Maybe you have electrohypersensitivity (EHS)? Electromagnetic sensitivity is increasing. It’s an EMF induced disability/intolerance. If you are electrohypersensitive, like the character in this film, you know it’s no fairy tale. It ruins dreams and ruins lives forcing human beings into isolation, poverty, and despair. The medical profession is still woefully ill-informed about EMF illness and remains ill prepared to give meaningful diagnoses after decades of ignoring the condition. No diagnostic framework or treatments exist for EMF-related health problems.

The disability, often called “Microwave Syndrome”, and though a century old, still isn’t fully recognised by the medical profession. In the midst of a controversial 5G roll out it is even more controversial than before. Can the EU population now submerged in a “soup” of electromagnetic waves 24/7 afford to ignore electrohypersensitivity any longer? Especially as the 5G roll out has contravened basic human rights and informed consent, flouting precautionary principles without any environmental risk assessment or proper acknowledgement of significant biological harms that are thoroughly alarming in the absence of solid proof that they are supposedly “likely nothing to be concerned about.”

Biological evidence from the limited studies on millimeter waves, and established studies over decades on low to higher frequency electromagnetic exposures, begs to differ. EHS begs to differ. Please support and Sign the European Citizens’ Initiative, using the links below. 1 million signatures are required to force the EU to pay attention and act upon the ECI’s recommendations. I created this animation to inspire European Citizens to sign the “Stop 5G – Stay Connected But Protected European Citizens’ Initiative”, to bring recognition to the debilitating condition. Produced for Europeans for Safe Connections, 2022.

Sign the ECI here if you have EU nationality: https://SignStop5G.eu/en#sign

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