July 23, 2023

An Eye-opening Film with Heart

“Surrounded is an eye-opening film about the possible harmful effects of the electronic devices that surround us every day.  Sam Wieder shares how he went from chronically fatigued to newly rejuvenated by learning how to minimize his exposure to common sources of man-made radiation.

The real heart of this film is the love story of Sam and his loving wife Jacqueline, whose dream life together was transformed into a struggle for survival, fueled by the silent stress of living in an electromagnetic world. 

Emerging from their love story, Surrounded is a blessing for anyone who watches this film, as you will walk away with an expanded awareness of where you may be exposing yourself to the hidden stresses that may assault you in this new age of high technology, along with some practical advice for living a longer and more vibrant life.”

Dr. Nancy Mramor, Psychologist

Award-winning author of Spiritual Fitness and Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life

“Surrounded showcases Sam Wieder’s powerfully personal story of discovering the dangerous but invisible sea of man-made radiation that most everyone is now swimming in day and night. Heartbreaking and motivating, Sam’s experience moved me to take some simple but significant steps to minimize the hidden stress fueled by all of the radiating technology in my everyday life.”

Gabe Golden, Filmmaker
Producer of the docu-series Lighting the Path



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