August 20, 2023

A news article with the fake claim ‘PUTIN BANS 5G ACROSS RUSSIA’ was brought to the attention of the EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT).

We have now received information directly from Dr Oleg Grigoriev, Chairman, Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection regarding the official position on EMF/RF & 4G and 5G. He confirmed that the article on 5G masts is FAKE NEWS and has not been issued by Russia. Dr Grigoriev provided details with regards to the latest position for RF/EMF radiation in Russia as follows:

  1. Base stations banned in schools (building and territory)  and any children’s  organization, such as children gardens & summer camps.
  2. WiFi limits for elementary school classes with limited distance for all (minimum 5 m).
  3. Mobile communication devices banned in schools too – but only during the teaching process.
  4. Russia has government Sanitary rules for schools and are currently working towards new methodical instruction for digital education classes…
  5. The Russian Government has a “road map” for 4/5/6G leading up to 2030. The Russian emf limits are under pressure but remain low at this moment in time.

With thanks to Dr Grigoriev for clarifying this situation.

Download RRT report here: Fake News article – Putin Bans 5G across Russia, Destroys All Towers

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