November 29, 2023


In a huge win for wireless safety in Connecticut, the Stamford Board of Representatives rejected a proposal that would have proliferated 5G/4G “small” cell antennas into neighborhoods.

Here is the story.

An industry-friendly proposal was poised to allow wireless antennas in front of homes and schools. EHT experts, along with colleagues with expertise in law, policy, and health, were invited to present to the Board of Representatives Land Use Committee. On October 18th, the expert panel shared critical information on the health and environmental impacts of wireless proliferation. 

We also presented on the need for federal accountability and protective policy.  

That evening, after hours of deliberation, the committee voted against the proposal that would proliferate 5G and “small” cell antennas.

A few weeks later, the full Board joined the Committee and voted “no” on the proposal. 

EHT was grateful for the opportunity to share critical health and safety information. We know land-use decisions made in Stamford on the 5G buildout will reverberate statewide and far beyond.

The fact is that a growing body of scientific evidence links cellular radio-frequency radiation to a broad range of harmful effects, including cancer, memory damage, DNA/genetic damage, and impacts on brain development, the endocrine system, thyroid function, and reproduction. Studies have found radio-frequency radiation to be harmful to animals and trees. Government limits are outdated and do not protect humans or wildlife. 

Please share the video of expert testimony and these news stories with your decision-makers. 

Stamford Advocate: Stamford reps reject 5G agreement, citing safety worries: ‘This may cause harm’

Connecticut Examiner: Stamford Rejects Deal Allowing 5G on City-Owned Utility Poles  Connecticut Examiner: Stamford Bd of Reps Committee Votes to Block State 5G Telecoms Installations

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