Tim Hunt Presents Evidence to Whangarei District Council Which Suggests Emissions from Local Cellphone Tower Are Harmful, Nov 23, 2023

December 10, 2023

Tim Hunt’s presentation to the Whangarei District Council on Nov 23, 2023. The following are some of his notes: The cell tower this presentation focuses on, is located on the corner of Onerahi Rd and Whangarei Heads Rd and operated by Spark.

Tim Hunt wrote: “I became particularly interested in cell tower technology in early 2020, when there had been a lot of activity nationally and internationally installing new base stations/cell towers equipped with latest generation transmitters…5G. This technology formed what could be thought of as the capstone, enabling so called Smart Cities, Internet of Things, AI, Urban Radar surveillance and worse, and raised many public health and safety concerns.

I have made 2 OIA requests relating to this topic in our District.

For this study, I collected power density readings from two locations either side of the tower, one outside the dental clinic adjacent the Onerahi Primary School, the other on Hinemoa St, on a daily basis in July/Aug this year. The readings were taken with two instruments at approx the same time each day at around 4pm. Each data point is an average of 4 peak readings, each one collected over approximately 2 minutes. The peak values were recorded and plotted. …the heavy traces, trend lines have been inserted to better illustrate the data from the Cornet meter for the two measurement locations, read against the right hand vertical axis.

The data collected from the Onerahi cell tower indicates that although the power density levels fall within the current exposure limit prescribed in NZS 2772.1 1999 of 10,000mW/m2 for general public, they are magnitudes higher than those recommended by, for example, the Bioinitiative Report, (see refs 1,2,3), prepared by an international coalition of scientists who recommended an upper limit for microwave radiation of only 1000 microwatts per square meter, or 1 mW/m2.

The RF emissions from this cell tower amount to an assault on the bodies of men and women, boys and girls who live, walk and play within range of this tower.

The NZ exposure limit is derived from guidelines set by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and ICNIRP, (International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection), agencies overwhelmingly influenced and lobbied heavily by the Telco Industry. This exposure limit is intended to protect from thermal effects only – heating, burning. It does not protect people and living organisms from harm at the biological level and despite research proving this, our current exposure limits are based on values set more than 70 years ago. They are outdated!
I urge the Whangarei District Council, as trustees of our community, to adopt a precautionary approach to this issue and scrutinise as strongly as possible existing and new activity by Telcos on our community, for example, carrying out radiation audits before and after any new cell tower installations, keeping an accurate register of all cell towers in our district, including details of the hardware installed , adopting wired rather than wireless connectivity whenever possible (more efficient and safer!) and writing ordinances/by-laws that would protect people in our community from harm from this technology . This has been done in other parts of the world,for example, the City of Davis, California, and in New Hampshire State Legislature. (see references 4 and 5).
I would be happy to discuss this further.

See his presentation here:


Dr Gerard J. Hyland told the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from
Space (GUARDS), “The human body is an electro-chemical instrument of exquisite sensitivity.”
“If a [RF] signal can operate a mechanical device, it can disturb every cell in the human body.”
See: http://www.stopglobalwifi.org/

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A pdf version accompanying this document (5 min Slideshow.pdf) of a slideshow provides more information for the reader.
Credit for these slides to Lena Pu, Davis, California, and CHD 5G Expose, (https://childrenshealthdefense.org/emr/5g-expose/)

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