The Mental Health Doctor: Your Phone Screen & Sitting Is Destroying Your Brain!

January 15, 2024

Dr. Aditi offers practical, science-backed solutions to rewire our brains and bodies for less stress and more resilience.

00:00 Intro

02:01 Is The World Getting More Stressed?

06:45 What Are the Signs of Being Burnt Out?

13:56 Work Addiction & Burnout Linked

16:23 Toxic Resilience

22:29 The 5 Resets to Deal with Stress

27:51 Understanding If You Have Stress

35:10 How to Have a Therapeutic Presence

43:06 Why You Should Stick to 2 Changes at a Time

48:29 Your Stress Score and How to Improve It

53:50 How Exercise Manages to Reduce Stress

58:01 How Social Media Fuels Stress

01:03:34 The Relationship Between Food and Stress

01:12:13 The Importance of Taking Breaks

01:18:16 Your Gut Health Impacts Your Stress

01:21:11 Reset Your Stress by Resetting Your Brain

01:21:50 All the Stuff That Is Making You Stressed!

01:25:55 Only 2% of the Population Can Actually Multitask

01:29:35 Breathing Technique to Reduce Stress

01:35:40 The Science Behind Therapeutic Writing

01:39:13 Don’t Live in Autopilot, It’s Hurting You

01:43:12 Don’t Do This at Nighttime!

01:49:23 What Loneliness Is Doing to You

01:51:28 The Last Guest Question

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