Weak Radiofrequency Field Effects on Chemical Parameters That Characterize Oxidative Stress in Human Fibrosarcoma and Fibroblast Cells

May 6, 2024


In the last few decades, evidence has surfaced that weak radiofrequency (RF) fields can influence biological systems. This work aims to improve our understanding of how externally applied weak RF fields alter concentrations of chemical parameters that characterize oxidative stress.

We conducted a series of experiments to investigate the effects of applying weak RF magnetic fields within the 3–5 MHz region on mitochondrial respiration in both human fibrosarcoma and fibroblast cells over a period of four days.

Our experimental data show that RF fields between 3 and 5 MHz were able to change the modulation of mitochondrial signaling by changing the cell growth, mitochondrial mass, and oxidative stress. Exposure to RF fields at 4.2 MHz significantly increased the mitochondrial mass and oxidative stress in fibrosarcoma cells.

There are substantial concerns that extended exposure to weak RF fields can lead to health effects. The ability to control these parameters by external magnetic fields may have important clinical implications.


weak RF fieldsoxidative stressmitochondrial masscell growthcell deathiron sulphur clustersradical pair mechanism



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STANZ Summer 2023-24 Newsletter

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