STANZ Newsletter #13 Autumn 2024

May 19, 2024

Kia ora & Welcome

The recent solar storms of early May 2024 highlight the risk of having a civilisation based on electrical systems. In 1859 the very large Carrington solar flare event just fried existing telegraph lines as there wasn’t much in the way of electrical systems around at the time. Today our whole civilisation is based around electrical systems and while it was clear that the powers that be in NZ like Transpower have a plan to handle these low to mid-range solar flare events it remains to be seen whether our electricity system can handle a very large Carrington type event.

As you may have noticed these electrical solar storms also pose a risk to people who are electro sensitive (and hypersensitive). This is because these events can disrupt the Earth’s electro-magnetic field, affecting both technology and human health. Studies show that geomagnetic activity can correlate with higher incidences of heart attacks and strokes, possibly due to effects on the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems. They can also lead to mood changes creating feelings of irritability, anxiety, and depression. Changes in the Earth’s magnetic field from these solar storms can also disrupt melatonin production, affecting sleep and mood. As well as impair concentration and memory, impacting cognitive function.

People who suffer from EHS can experience heightened symptoms during solar storms, such as increased headaches and fatigue. As well as increased anxiety and stress, worsening EHS symptoms. These are all well-known effects on the human condition from the electrical overload hitting our planet from solar storms.

Yet we are told to believe that massively increasing wireless electrical radiation into our neighbourhoods and homes and pockets and ears is not going to have negative effects on our physical and mental health? Yeah Right!

STANZ has continued to be active behind the scenes networking with like-minded groups around the country and we hope to organise a public talk in conjunction with our upcoming AGM in late July (precise time and date yet to be confirmed).

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Space Weather News Websites

We are currently entering the peak of this solar cycle so can only expect more large solar storms in the coming months. Keep informed on solar space weather at these websites and be prepared to survive if the electrical grid does go down for a period of time:

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