In a huge win for wireless safety in Connecticut, the Stamford Board of Representatives rejected a proposal that would have proliferated 5G/4G “small” cell antennas into neighborhoods.

5G Expose

Through this Exposé, you will learn from independent scientists and experts about what is known and not known about health risks from 5G and the planned roll-out of millimeter wave technology. This is probably the most under-estimated and most ignored factor affecting human health at the moment.

5G Expose

Through this Exposé, you will learn from independent scientists and experts about what is known and not known about health risks from 5G and the planned roll-out of millimeter wave technology. This is probably the most under-estimated and most ignored factor affecting human health at the moment.

Experts Raise Public Health Fears About Microwave Syndrome From 5G Masts

The Hardell-Nilsson case studies are groundbreaking because, incredibly, they study human beings in a real-life 5G environment for the very first time. All four studies describe how previously healthy people very quickly developed symptoms of microwave syndrome after 5G phone masts were installed above or opposite their accommodation at distances of between five and 60 metres. Most of the symptoms disappeared within days of them moving to less irradiated accommodation, but reappeared when they returned to the strongly irradiated accommodation.

5G, microwaves and their effects on living organisms

All living things are finely tuned to the Earth’s magnetic field which enables them to navigate in three-dimensional space as well as geographical distances, exchange signals and, in some species, even locate food sources. Electromagnetic receptors have been found in countless species and enable them to respond to even the smallest changes in magnetic field strength. It is becoming clear that blindly interfering with these processes of the living world is a very dangerous game. There have been few studies on this subject so far, but the results are disturbing.

Prof Dariusz Leszczynski on 5G and WiFi exposure and current safety

We bump into Molecular Biologist & former research Professor at the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (Finland) Prof Dariusz Leszczynski. We cover some of his concerns on 5G and WiFi exposure and the current safety guidelines. This podcast also covers in detail Dariusz latest research papers on EMF – electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity.


Despite claims that 5G is a tool to fight climate change,  industry reports repeatedly document that energy efficiency gains have not been met. The reality is that the 5G “ecosystem” is energy intensive. Reports caution that the 5G networks will see a drastic  increase in power requirements by 2030 due to the energy demands of powerful network elements.

5G – An Undeniable Risk Webinar

This webinar, sponsored by 5GAlert Westchester, took place on October 25, 2022, and includes presentations by Dr. Paul Heroux, Dr. Kent Chamberlin, Dr. Sharon Goldberg, Frank Clegg and Andrew Campanelli, Esq.

5G: The gigantic power consumption 

The European Citizens’ Initiative focuses on the massive power consumption caused by digital communication technology and 5G. 

5G: A Step Too Far?

The potential downsides of 5G to the future of human health and to the welfare of the planet are almost too serious to contemplate. And yet the advantages are trivial. This is a risk we cannot afford to take.

Measurements of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including 5G, in the city of Columbia, SC, USA

A number of hotspots were found where cell phone base station antennas were mounted on top of the utility poles and therefore positioned at low levels, close to street level. On the whole, the findings of the present study suggest that cell phone base station antennas should be distinct and noticeable, as this would assist individuals who need to limit their exposure by distancing themselves from RF sources.

Expert reveals 5G risks

One of the world’s leading authorities on wireless radiation has documented the risks of 5G radiation in the first book on that outlines the potential dangers of 5G technology.


Presentation by Victor Leach on 5G Cellular Standards. Total radiobiological assessment of the dangers of planetary
electromagnetic radiation exposure to the population. At the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) Conference in Canberra Asutralia in March 2022.

All the Satellites in Space Could Crack Open the Ozone Layer

Aluminum is key to everything at stake here. First, it burns into reflective aluminum oxide, or alumina, which could turn into an unwitting geoengineering experiment that could alter Earth’s climate. And second, aluminum oxide could damage and even rip a new hole in the ozone layer. Let’s look at each threat separately and try to figure it out.

Is the WHO impaired by electro-smog?

demonstrates arrogance and incompetence. The potential harmful effects of radiation from mobile networks cannot be reduced by engineers to frequency and average intensity. To evaluate and mitigate EMR exposure’s impacts to health and wildlife, we need comprehensive scientific study with due diligence, humility and caution.

5G’s Environmental Paradox in the Hyperconnected Era

The industry claims that 5G will pave broadband highways for our ever-increasing data traffic at faster speed. It claims that 5G will reduce carbon emissions. Are these claims true? Before we deploy 5G, don’t we need to evaluate its environmental footprint and sustainability with due diligence?

5G’s Threats to Wildlife

I am an engineer, not a biologist. Yet, I realize wildlife and biodiversity are the Earth’s greatest treasures and need to be protected. In previous letters, I discussed large-scale 5G networks’ energy consumption and climate impacts. I proposed more sustainable alternatives to 5G public networks. Today, I will report how 5G threatens ecosystems and biodiversity.

How Green is 5G?

A panoply of dazzling new IoT applications is a given, it would seem, with all the potential benefits one might expect from a step-change in wireless connectivity. But what about the environmental footprint?

Scientists warn about dangers from hasty 5G rollout

Despite medical warnings from scientists and physicians about radiofrequency (RF) radiation danger from cellular technology, telecommunications companies have been launching satellites and erecting cell towers worldwide on an expeditious schedule.

European Parliament: 5G Health Effects and Environmental Impacts

Over the last decades, novel wireless communication technologies, such as mobile telephones, cellular networks and Wi-Fi, have been developed at unparalleled speed. However, 5G, along with 3G and 4G, may also pose threats to human health and the environment. This article outlines the two STOA studies presented to the EU Parliament, which take stock of our present understanding of the impacts of 5G on health and the environment.


any people ask “Where is the scientific evidence? How do you know that 5G and the deployment of small cells (which usually is 4G) is not safe? Why do you say it is harmful?”  The answer is that an ever growing and large body published research has found adverse effects from wireless radiation. Effects have been found at levels that are legal and permissible. 5G will use frequencies that are currently in use as well as higher frequencies never used in any widespread way.  

Climate Change, 5G and the Internet of Things

Researchers are warning us that the energy consumption of 5G and the IOT is growing and projected to skyrocket. The demand for technology is outstripping the increase in efficiency. The energy consumption will rise sharply due to the ever increasing IOT energy demands at every stage of the lifecycle of 5G equipment, from device manufacture to data centers to data transmissions, and networks.

Ray Broomhall: Global Deployment of 100,000 5G Satellites Continues, What Are The Health Effects?

terview with Australian Barrister Ray Broomhall who is President of the Australian No 5G Party. What people may not know is that the current roll out of the 5G telecommunications network, is a massive undertaking being coordinated around the world and pushed by the corporate elite. Engulfing the entire planet via 100 thousand satellites, millions of telecommunication towers, small cells and billions of 5G connected devices flooding the world with invisible electro smog pollution in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: 5G Wireless

In America the federal government has ensured that 5G can come to your neighborhood whether you like it or not. A recent rule change allows the telecoms industry to turn consenting private residences into cell towers, endangering the health of the neighborhood. The only way to fight back is to talk to neighbors who may be considering adding an antenna to their house to inform them of the facts that industry is conveniently leaving out.

Health Council of the Netherlands and evaluation of the fifth generation, 5G, for wireless communication and cancer risks

Guidelines for radiofrequency radiation are discussed in relation to a recent evaluation by the Health Council of the Netherlands. The Committee recommends that for the deployment of 5G the frequency band 26 GHz should not be used. For lower frequencies, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines are recommended. However, these guidelines are not based on an objective evaluation of health risks, which is discussed in this paper.

Satellite Constellations to dominate the Stars- PART I: to whom does it make sense?

A satellite constellation uses multiple satellites to cover larger areas on the ground. The further from the Earth, the wider the area that the satellite can cover. Yet, most constellations use Low Earth Orbits (LEO, at altitudes of 160 km – 2,000 km); some use Medium Earth Orbits (MEO, at 2,000 km – 36,000 km). Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites keep a stationary position 36,000 km above the same spot on Earth. A TV satellite dish always points to the same GEO broadcasting satellite. The most recent Internet service constellations use LEO orbits.

5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective

5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective Book. Compelling Evidence for eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them

Written and Compiled by Martin L. Pall, PhD. Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences – Washington State University

Firstenberg Newsletter: Cell Phone Apocalypse

“You are right to wonder how much radiation is a part of your illness. First and foremost, you should not ever use a cell phone or WiFi. Getting rid of all wireless on your person and in your home will make a tremendous difference in your health. A faraday pouch does not block all the radiation. A cell phone radiates even when it is off, as long as the battery is in it. And it takes your body several days to recover, even from a single two-minute phone call. No products will protect you from the radiation — if they do anything at all, those products are dangerous.”

Here’s What 6G Will Be, According to the Creator of Massive MIMO

What we’re really after is, what is the next level of human-to-human communication going to be? In one sense, 5G didn’t deliver any new level of human-to-human communication, because 4G, and then the early parts of 5G, enabled ubiquitous streaming video. The next level is obviously augmented reality, and making it good enough so that the other person is effectively in the same room as you. That would be a transformative thing. From a wireless communications perspective, this imposes simply staggering requirements.

5G AND THE MILITARY — Marriage Made in Hell

Unbeknownst to many people, 5G/satellites/CubeSats/data/AI/machine learning, and the internet of things are infiltrating and permeating the earth and skies and finding their way into the military as well. The aim for the US is to gain dominion over space for both commercial and military advantage; for whoever controls the high ground (space) controls Earth as well.

European Union Presentation of the studies: ‘Health impact of 5G’ and ‘Environmental impacts of 5G’ (online event)

Over the last decades, novel wireless communication technologies, such as mobile telephones, cellular networks and Wi-Fi, have been developed at unparalled speed., 5G, along with 3G and 4G, with which it will operate in parallel for several years, may also pose threats to human health. This event will present the results of two STOA studies, which take stock of our present understanding of the impacts of 5G on health and the environment.

Lawsuit Filed Against UK Government to Stop 5G Deployment

A group of committed and concerned citizens including doctors, scientists, and engineers throughout the United Kingdom have come together to bring a lawsuit against their government for its failure to protect the health of the country’s citizens, particularly children, from 5G and wireless. The Claimants filed their lawsuit, an application for Judicial Review Proceedings, in the UK’s High Court.

Open Letter To Environmental Organizations – May 2020

arth and all living beings are under threat from the many environmental challenges we now face: Climate change, deforestation, pollution, oceanic dead zones, and so on. But one threat to all life that has largely gone unnoticed by the International Environmental Community is that of our vast and growing e-footprint from technology as well as from the associated radiofrequency microwave radiation exposures.

DEMYTHIFICATION of 5G by Miguel Coma

We all read numerous times news media stories that advertise 5G as the next must have technology. As telecoms say it, every industry and every person should have 5G or… be a loser. This mantra has deeply permeated into news media and social media and feeds frenzy of technology geeks. But is it so that very soon there will be no life without 5G? Do we really need it everywhere in our environment? Or is it just pure propaganda? Are we being duped by telecoms?

5G’s threats to wildlife – A letter to Greta Thunberg: is 5G an experiment on life?

Thousands of high-quality peer-reviewed scientific studies have reported adverse biological effects caused by man-made EMFs. Wireless technologies deployed in the last decades have added ever-increasing levels of EMFs to our environment. Electrosmog generated by wireless technologies is already 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times natural levels. 5G will add an additional layer of radiation.

Overview of the Health and Environmental Effects of 5G, 4G and Wireless Radiofrequency Radiation

This review by the Environmental Health Trust (USA) brings to your attention critical scientific and technical information justifying an immediate moratorium on 5G and wireless network densification as called for by more than 400 scientists and supported by thousands of medical doctors. Independent public health and medical experts worldwide are requesting immediate reductions in both public exposure to microwave wireless radiation and a halt to the densification of wireless infrastructure.

Reports on Increasing Energy Consumption of Wireless Systems and Digital Ecosystem

The more we use wireless electronic devices, the more energy we will consume. 5G will exponentially increase energy usage. The Small Cell Forum predicts the installed base of small cells to reach 70.2 million in 2025 and the total installed base of 5G or multimode small cells in 2025 to be 13.1 million. The lurking threat behind the promise of 5G delivering up to 1,000 times as much data as today’s networks is that 5G could also consume up to 1,000 times as much energy.

5G AND THE MILITARY — Marriage Made in Hell

5G infrastructure has already been paid for by the public through the commercial use of cellphones, smart cities and satellite internet such as Starlink. So through dual use technology, the military gets bargain prices for much of its infrastructure while the public (unknowingly) subsidizes war.

An Electromagnetic Health Crisis

Exposure to the electromagnetic field is not a new phenomenon for living beings. While living beings have always been exposed to natural electromagnetic fields, the growing sources, applications, and impact of human-made electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) on humans and the environment are creating more questions than answers.

Understanding Adverse Health Effects of Artificial EMFs is Common Sense

As we are all rapidly being forced into the new generation of electronic gadgets and wireless services, sometimes referred to as the “Internet of Things” and primarily based on the 5th generation (5G) of wireless communication, to be followed soon by 6G and 7G, more and more people are asking themselves if the ever-increasing levels of artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs), especially of the pulsed type, really are safe for living organisms.

ELECTROSMOG – The Health Effects of Microwave Pollution

This book was written by Dr Susan Pockett to explain how the telecommunications industry and the military have combined to blanket the world with electromagnetic waves of a sort that have never before been seen on planet Earth. Life evolved in the complete absence of these waves, so this development has become a serious bio-hazard.”

Legal Action Against 5G in the UK

This short critical review explores the findings of extant research on the health risks posed by 5G technologies that emit radiofrequency radiation (RFR)1. It also provides evidence that the processes by which policy decisions have been made concerning the protection of public health may be significantly flawed, as the overwhelming body of scientific evidence appears to have been ignored by relevant government departments and agencies in arriving at decisions about the introduction of 5G.

Serious Safety Concerns about 5G Wireless Deployment in Australia and New Zealand.

Scientists Bandara, Priyanka & Mccredden, Julie & May, Murray & Leach, Victor had an article published in the Journal and Newsletter of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society in May 2020 outlining their concerns as to the safety of 5G. This paper addresses the scientific evidence of biological/health impacts of microwave range radiofrequency radiation and the lack of safety testing for 5G wireless technology.

NZ Exposure Limits For 5G Signals ‘Too High’

The NZ Ministry of Health’s “fact” sheet about 5G says “exposures to 5G signals are similar to, or lower than, those from existing cell sites, and small fractions of the public limit in the standard”.

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