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Effects of Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy

This document provides an overview of aspects of the process of digitalization that negatively impact (public) health, essential human rights and democracy. It also contains policy recommendations to effectively address these issues and avert harm. Further, this document is meant to empower the reader to take informed decisions in their own every-day life when interacting with specific technologies and the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

5G Expose

Through this Exposé, you will learn from independent scientists and experts about what is known and not known about health risks from 5G and the planned roll-out of millimeter wave technology. This is probably the most under-estimated and most ignored factor affecting human health at the moment.

Effects of Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy

This document provides an overview of aspects of the process of digitalization that negatively impact (public) health, essential human rights and democracy. It also contains policy recommendations to effectively address these issues and avert harm. Further, this document is meant to empower the reader to take informed decisions in their own every-day life when interacting with specific technologies and the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

5G Expose

Through this Exposé, you will learn from independent scientists and experts about what is known and not known about health risks from 5G and the planned roll-out of millimeter wave technology. This is probably the most under-estimated and most ignored factor affecting human health at the moment.

A New Type Of Dementia Plagues America

A major health epidemic, digital dementia occurs when one part of the brain is overstimulated and another part of the brain is understimulated. When we mindlessly use digital devices, the frontal lobe, which is responsible for higher-level executive functions, gets little, if any, use. Meanwhile, the occipital lobe, the visual processor located at the back of the brain, gets bombarded with sensory input. Slouched over and spaced out, people, both young and old, are abusing their brains, day in and day out

Smart Meters – Smarter Practices Document

Introduction Problems reported worldwide with Smart Meters and related technology may (without appropriate action) occur in future rollouts and could generate health, legal, security and infrastructure difficulties unless appropriate measures are taken.

The International Declaration on the Human Rights of Children in the Digital Age

In this International Declaration, we posit three fundamental legal rights of children regarding the deployment and use of technology: their right to be free from intentionally addictive devices, platforms and apps; their right to be free from excessive exposure to wireless radiation; and their right to be free from commercial exploitation.

Experts Raise Public Health Fears About Microwave Syndrome From 5G Masts

The Hardell-Nilsson case studies are groundbreaking because, incredibly, they study human beings in a real-life 5G environment for the very first time. All four studies describe how previously healthy people very quickly developed symptoms of microwave syndrome after 5G phone masts were installed above or opposite their accommodation at distances of between five and 60 metres. Most of the symptoms disappeared within days of them moving to less irradiated accommodation, but reappeared when they returned to the strongly irradiated accommodation.

Effects of Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy – A Call for Using Technology with Discernment

We are contemporary witnesses to the accelerated implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with central stakeholders aiming at the digital transformation of all areas of life and production. The digital transformation is an ideology and a hype. It is also a vehicle for total surveillance and control if not restricted and regulated pro-perly. It is essential to pause and to analyze the Fourth Industrial Revolution in a rational way.

The European Union assessments of radiofrequency radiation health risks – another hard nut to crack (Review)

In 2017 an article was published on the unwillingness of the WHO to acknowledge the health effects associated with the use of wireless phones. It was thus stated that the WHO is ‘A Hard Nut to Crack’. Since then, there has been no progress, and history seems to be repeating in that the European Union (EU) is following in the blind man’s footsteps created by the WHO.

We cannot ignore the dangers of radiation in our national parks

The science is telling. Our national parks preserve our natural world and our capacity to experience the wilderness. A robust review of the research and proper oversight is needed before erecting cell towers in our parks. Expanding cell towers in parks without adequate safeguards will irrevocably harm wildlife, the environment and our encounters with the wild.  


We have now received information directly from Dr Oleg Grigoriev, Chairman, Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection regarding the official position on EMF/RF & 4G and 5G. He confirmed that the article on 5G masts is FAKE NEWS and has not been issued by Russia.

5G, microwaves and their effects on living organisms

All living things are finely tuned to the Earth’s magnetic field which enables them to navigate in three-dimensional space as well as geographical distances, exchange signals and, in some species, even locate food sources. Electromagnetic receptors have been found in countless species and enable them to respond to even the smallest changes in magnetic field strength. It is becoming clear that blindly interfering with these processes of the living world is a very dangerous game. There have been few studies on this subject so far, but the results are disturbing.

STANZ Letter to MOH on Minimising the health risks of wireless radiation

In 2020 the Safer (EMR) Technology Aotearoa/New Zealand Incorporated Society (STANZ) was established in response to growing public concern about adverse health effects on humans, flora and fauna from exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR) emitted by various types of cellular technologies being rolled out in our communities.

We Are Not SAM

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website. Join us as we dissect the tangled web of flawed testing methods and uncover the peculiar journey of advertising throughout history.

Stare Into The Lights My Pretties

This era is unprecedented, and perhaps never before has technology been so prolific and shaped our lives so intimately. But there’s a dark side we don’t talk about. Why is that? Is it because we’re too busy being glued to the screen? Why do we shy away from questions about our collective addiction? What’s lurking under the surface?


Surrounded is an eye-opening film about the possible harmful effects of the electronic devices that surround us every day.  Sam Wieder shares how he went from chronically fatigued to newly rejuvenated by learning how to minimize his exposure to common sources of man-made radiation.

Experts Gather to Warn of Health Dangers of 5G Radiation

The safety exposure limits presently followed by the UK Government are set by the International Commission on Non-ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and are seen as insufficient by certain groups of scientists, who use much stricter guidelines.

It’s not complicated. The FDA is violating its own law. 

Back in 1968, Congress passed Public Law 90-602, “An Act to Amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for the protection of the public health from radiation emissions from electronic products.” In its Declaration of Purpose, Congress wrote, “The Congress hereby declares that the public health and safety must be protected from the dangers of electronic product radiation.”

EHS – what the experts say, part 1

On 13 April some of the world’s leading experts, including scientists, MPs and lawyers, came together to share their knowledge about electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The workshop, entitled ‘Electromagnetic-Hyper-Sensitivity: The State of Science’, was hosted by the European Parliament and held in a wifi-free environment so sufferers could attend.

Children and Screen Time – What You Need to Know

STANZ organised for Michael Vaughan (Registered Psychologist) to travel to Christchurch in Mid-March to give a talk on what we need to know about the risks and challenges in dealing with children and screen time. He gave a very engaging and informative presentation.

Conflict of Interest Letter Sent to NZ Ministry of Health

In February SaferTech NZ (not to be confused with STANZ) sent a letter of complaint to the NZ Miniatry of Health (MOH) complaining of a serious conflict of interest by having Martin Gledhill on the lnteragency Committee on the Health Effects of Non-Ionising Fields (overseen by the Ministry).


When people ask me if I regret having given up my cell phone, my answer is unequivocally “No”. I don’t miss texting on a phone. I don’t miss GPS. I don’t miss reading news that some news aggregator selected for me. I don’t miss QR codes for this, that and everything else. I do not regret ridding myself of having a cell phone and I would not go back to having one.

RF Health Safety Limits and Recommendations

The rapid proliferation of cellular mobile telecommunication devices and systems is raising public health concerns about the biological effects and safety of RF radiation exposure. There is also concern about the efficacy of promulgated health safety limits, rules, and recommendations for the RF radiation used by these devices and systems.

Nordic Appeal: More Stringent Regulatory Framework on Microwave Radiationfrom Wireless Technologies is Needed – Stop Further Rollout of 5G

Given what is known today about the risks of this technology, it must be considered a violation of human rights to impose this harmful radiation on people in their own homes without their informed consent. More stringent regulatory framework on microwave radiation from wireless technologies is urgently needed. In the meantime, further rollout of 5G must be stopped.

Cellular and molecular effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields

The concept that biological response to EMF is a ‘cellular stress response’ explains many observed effects of EMF, such as nonlinear dose- and time-dependency, increased and decreased risks of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, enhanced nerve regeneration, and bone healing. These responses could be either detrimental or beneficial to health, depending on the duration and intensity of the exposure, as well as specific aspects of the living organism being exposed.

STANZ Wired Newsletter #10 Summer 2023

Check out a summary of all the latest news relevant to STANZ in our summer 2023 Newsletter. STANZ will be hosting a talk by Michael Vaughan a Registered Psychologist for Children on the 16th of March. This will be on the topic of what you need to know about the risks to children from their screen time.

On the Clear Evidence of the Risks to Children from Non-Ionizing Radio Frequency Radiation: The Case of Digital Technologies in the Home, Classroom and Society

This brief research review aims to inform by presenting the findings of scientific research, in a balanced, objective manner, on the risks to children. This information is based on proven scientific theories and clear empirical evidence. The paper concludes by offering practical advice on how the risks to children, and indeed adults, can be minimised.

On radar and radio exposure and cancer in the military setting

The findings from our study add to the growing body of evidence underscoring the gross inadequacy of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) thermal standards. Based on our findings and on the previous accumulated research, we endorse the recommendations to reclassify RFR exposure as a human carcinogen, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) group 1.

What to Know About Cellphone Radiation

ProPublica recently examined how the federal government, based on quarter-century-old standards, denies that cellphones pose any risks. This guide answers some of the most common questions people ask about cellphone radiation.

Electro sensitivity and How We Move Around the Planet

If you are electrosensitive, as I am, moving yourself around the planet becomes quite a challenging thing to do. Let’s look at some of the obstacles that we face when it comes to cars, public transport and even electric bicycles.

Why EHS is no Fairy Tale

A magical animated film about EMF induced disability. Maybe you have electrohypersensitivity (EHS)? Electromagnetic sensitivity is increasing. It's an EMF induced disability/intolerance. If you are electrohypersensitive, like the character in this film, you know it's...

Interview on no biological science behind mobile phone safety testing with guest Prof. Om Gandhi

Meet the man whose research inspired the SAM campaign. Om P. Gandhi, Emeritus Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering with the University of Utah, taught courses on biological effects of antennas, RF and microwave electromagnetic fields for over 50 years. Prof. Om P. Gandhi is a world expert on how mobile phone radiation penetrates the human brain. Once a consultant to major cell phone companies, Gandhi now refuses to work with them.

Why phone SAR ratings are silly

The Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR, of a phone shows how much energy from radio frequency waves is absorbed by body parts – head, torso, whole body, etc. The idea is that phones can be certified as “safe”, while also allowing some sort of comparison between different phones. In reality, the whole thing is a bit of a bad joke.

Tumor and cell phone: the Court of Appeal of Turin indemnifies an employee

In a judgment dated November 2, 2022, the Court of Appeal of Turin confirmed the decision of the first instance, condemning INAIL [Instituto nazionale Assicurazione Infortuni sul Lavoro – National Institute for Work Accident Insurance] to compensate the victim of an intracranial tumor of the acoustic neuroma linked to the use of cell phones.

New Challenge to ICNIRP

An international group of research scientists has come together to challenge ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. The new panel wants a complete revision of ICNIRP’s guidelines for exposures to radiofrequency (RF) radiation.

Carcinogenesis from chronic exposure to radio-frequency radiation

There are consistent indications from epidemiological studies and animal investigations that RF exposure is probably carcinogenic to humans. The principle of ALARA—as low as reasonably achievable—ought to be adopted as a strategy for RF health and safety protection.

How the FCC Shields Cellphone Companies From Safety Concerns

The wireless industry is rolling out thousands of new transmitters amid a growing body of research that calls cellphone safety into question. Federal regulators say there’s nothing to worry about — even as they rely on standards established in 1996.


Despite claims that 5G is a tool to fight climate change,  industry reports repeatedly document that energy efficiency gains have not been met. The reality is that the 5G “ecosystem” is energy intensive. Reports caution that the 5G networks will see a drastic  increase in power requirements by 2030 due to the energy demands of powerful network elements.

5G – An Undeniable Risk Webinar

This webinar, sponsored by 5GAlert Westchester, took place on October 25, 2022, and includes presentations by Dr. Paul Heroux, Dr. Kent Chamberlin, Dr. Sharon Goldberg, Frank Clegg and Andrew Campanelli, Esq.

Dr. Leszczynski reviews public health policies on EHS

This article reviews the current, very limited, evidence of EHS health policies. It is the first, so comprehensive collection of information about EHS health policies of different organizations and countries. Hence, it is hoped and expected to bring attention to the EHS health policy issue.

How to Breakup With Your Cellphone

I have spent two months considering this break-up and soon it will be complete. There are ways to do this. It takes some effort. I have even made practice runs, leaving the phone at home some of the time and on short trips. My health and vitality have improved already from having my cell phone off most of the time and my computers wired to Ethernet. My health and happiness are much enhanced. I am more energetic than I recall ever being.

The Anti-Smartphone Revolution

Video discussing how people are ditching their smart phones for dumb phones, their reasons and the benefits.

How social media is literally making teens mentally ill

We’re living in the Age of Digital Social Contagions. It’s a time where certain illnesses aren’t spread by biological transmission, but by a digital infection that attacks the psychological immune system. Using algorithms that find and exploit our psychological vulnerabilities, we get sicker as Big Tech gets stronger.

EHS Canary in a Gold Mine Video

Canary in a Gold Mine is a moving, hour-long, personal story of how the actor Jonathan Mirin came to realise that his wife had become Electro Hyper Sensitive.

PHIRE Press Release: UK Victory to Protect EHS Child from School WIFI

Parents have now won a 5 year legal battle against 2 local authorities to have their child accommodated in school for EHS. They won in the Upper Tribunal, thus the ruling is also precedent setting. We believe this is the first case in the world where a government body is legally mandated to make low EMF educational provisions to accommodate a child with EHS.

World-first legal judgement on EHS

WiFi in schools causes problems for students. For the first time, a UK court has recognised this fact. In a precedent-setting decision, the Upper Tribunal of the Administrative Appeals Chamber (Sussex) determined that educators would need to accommodate a student who was intolerant of WiFi and other electromagnetic fields.

ICNIRP’s wireless radiation exposure limits are based on smoke and mirrors

A new peer-reviewed paper published in the journal, Reviews of Environmental Health, found that the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) bases its recommended exposure limits for wireless (i.e., radio frequency [RF]) radiation primarily on research produced by its own members, their former students and close colleagues.

Our Bacteria: Are They Trying to Tell us Something? – Olle Johansson, Associate Professor

A US DARPA-funded study* has found that bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, biofilms communicate using frequencies that are in the range that are used by Wi-Fi and 5G C-band. The experiment found that “notable radiation is observed in the 3-4 GHz band” coming from the Staphylococcus aureus biofilms. It is part of a dangerous development I, Olle Johansson, have tried to emphasize and warn about for decades.

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