The dose-dependent effect of 1.5-GHz microwave exposure on spatial memory and the NMDAR pathway in Wistar rats

A certain power of microwave radiation could cause changes in the nervous, cardiovascular, and other systems of the body, and the brain was a sensitive target organ of microwave radiation injury. Studies have shown that microwaves can impair cognitive functions in...

Assessment of cortisol secretory pattern in workers chronically exposed to ELF-EMF generated by high voltage transmission lines and substations

This study strongly suggests that chronic exposure to ELF-EMFs alters the peak-time serum cortisol levels. Studies are required on the effect of this disruption in high-risk populations such as children, elderly people, and patients with cancer.

How Green is 5G?

A panoply of dazzling new IoT applications is a given, it would seem, with all the potential benefits one might expect from a step-change in wireless connectivity. But what about the environmental footprint?

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