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The purpose of the Safer Technology Aotearoa New Zealand Society (STANZ) is to inform, educate and advocate in the public interest for the safe use of technology. STANZ is necessary to help lead the local and national campaigns against 5G and other wireless technologies that pollute our environment with Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). As well as confront the very real threat that Artificial Intelligence poses to humanity and to protect the human rights of those who experience Electro Hypersensitivity.

From its beginning in 2020 STANZ has been a not-for-profit organisation which relies on the good will of its members and the public to run its operations. The only source of funding STANZ currently receives are from donations from members and the public. The STANZ incorporated society has an elected Coordinating Committee that meets regularly to organise the legal affairs and activities of the society.

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