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NZ School Cell Phone Ban Comes into Force

The Government has introduced regulations that require all state schools and kura to have student phone rules in use. This guidance is structured to support schools to step through the process of implementing student phone rules.

STANZ Summer 2023-24 Newsletter

STANZ Summer 2023-24 Newsletter

It has been a while since the last STANZ newsletter, but the committee has been steadily making progress. Amongst other things the STANZ website has been upgraded to be more user-friendly and our AGM was held in late July.

STANZ Letter to MOH on Minimising the health risks of wireless radiation

In 2020 the Safer (EMR) Technology Aotearoa/New Zealand Incorporated Society (STANZ) was established in response to growing public concern about adverse health effects on humans, flora and fauna from exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR) emitted by various types of cellular technologies being rolled out in our communities.

STANZ Submission to Christchurch City Council Climate Change Plan – April 2021

STANZ in general agrees with the goals outlined in the Ōtautahi Christchurch Climate Strategy 2021 for Christchurch. However, STANZ wants to make the central point that under Goal 3 and Programme 6 that the move away from resource intensive and high greenhouse emission industries needs to include digital and wireless technology which includes Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Cloud computing and wireless communications through the 4G and increasingly 5G systems cell phone transmitter technology, mobile smart phone use and the infrastructure and data centers required to run them (both locally and globally). Just when we need to be moving as a society to reduce greenhouse gas emissions this sector of the economy is massively increasing its requirements for energy outstripping the growth in renewable energy sources with it being reliant on increasing numbers of coal fired power stations in other countries e.g., China.

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